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Each leather journal is handcrafted, each is unique, using high-quality leather and handmade acid-free archival paper.  The paper is made from cotton and recycled fibers, no trees are felled in this process. 


We sew in by hand, 50 sheets per Pocket-size journal.  You can write front and backside of the paper without bleed-through using ballpoint, felt, gel pens and fine tip sharpies.


To encourage reuse and recycling, we are happy to rebind your journal, we ship throughout the country.  


Your journal will age beautifully with regular use, wear, and tear, even the oils from your hands will add character.  Don’t be afraid of a scratch, these will all add personality and life to your journal. Also, imperfections in the leather are to be embraced, we leave these distinctions in the leather for a more organic and customized look.  The leather journals are ideal for writing, drawing, photographs, creating memories and so much more.

Pocket Journals

  • Our Pocket-size journal is exactly that, pocket size.  Small and handy, grab and go!


    Our Journals are rustic, one of a kind and are a perfect fit as you travel the world, take in your deepest thoughts, accompany you on your nomadic journey, take in notes from your business meeting, help you work through a difficult time, record your children’s memories to accompany you through life.

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